Last Minute Often Accommodated!

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Reliable Pet Sitting Services

Do you love to travel but hate the thought of putting your dog into a kennel? The Best Pet Sitter takes care of your dog in the comfort of a home environment. This setup removes the need for kennel boarding. We will love, pet, cherish, walk, play with, and cuddle your dog just as we do our own. As well as administer medications with no additional cost. 

Caring for Your Pet Without Kennels

Unless you tell us not to, your dog will be welcome to sit with us on our furniture and climb up into a bed. With your approval and depending on our schedule, we often take your pet on car rides. If your dog does something especially adorable, we can capture it on video or photo and send it right over to your phone or email.

Benefits of Kennel-Free Pet Sitting


Dogs feel safer and less anxious in a familiar environment. They are free to roam around our house without the constraints of space that kennels offer.


When you utilize The Best Pet Sitter your dog will feel welcomed and safe. Over time your pet will learn that you are coming back and this is just as much a vacation for them as it is for you!


Certain dogs may need additional accommodations such as medication, insulin or specific food requirements. At The Best Pet Sitter, we are able to provide this and more at no additional cost.


With approval, we make it a priority to take your pet on outings. Adventures like these mentally stimulate your pup and is just one more way we treat them like our own! In the event your dog chooses to be a homebody, there is almost always someone there with them! Regardless of your dog’s personality, individualized attention takes precedence.