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Exceptional Care The Kind Of Grooming Services Your Dog Deserves

Animals do so much for us—they bring us happiness every single day. They love us unconditionally and bring out our best self. Reward your pet by pampering them with the gentle bathing, cutting, and trimming services at WeGroom.

For more than 10 years, we at The Best Pet Sitter have been serving clients in Moorestown and Woolwich areas in New Jersey. Being with animals IS our happy place. Count on us to take care of your pet as if they were our own.

Why Groom Your Dog

  • Ensure a Healthy and Comfortable Pet

    Given a dog’s playful nature, their bodies are prone to dirt and parasites. Grooming helps ensure that your pet is healthy and comfortable.

  • Easier Grooming

    When your dog's hair gets matted and long, it is harder to keep it clean. Regular grooming not only maintains proper pet hygiene, but it also makes succeeding cleaning sessions easier to do.

  • Keep Your Pet Looking Their Best

    Aside from ensuring that your dog is healthy and clean, grooming also enhances their physical appearance. Count on us to style the best look for your pet according to your preferences.